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Unstoppable Premium Tee


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This picture was taken in October of 2016 while I was wandering the streets of Kyoto, Japan. It was about 3pm and kids were walking home from school. I was taking pictures of the street since I thought it looked particularly aesthetic. In that moment, a little girl happened to run perfectly into the frame.

I knew this photo was going to be something special right when I saw it in my camera roll. On the ground of the road is the word '止まれ' which means 'stop'. I loved the juxtaposition of these characters on the ground with the girl running at full speed. It made me think about the innocence of a child carelessly disregarding the rules of society.

I decided to take this image and add the words '止まらない' which means 'don’t stop' or 'unstoppable' because I believe that's the way we should all be living life. When we're fearless like that little girl, we are all unstoppable.


Design is screen-printed onto our white 100% ring-spun cotton premium tee. Our premium tee is our newest high quality heavyweight t-shirt that's been garment dyed and washed. The fit is relaxed and true to size. (sizing chart)

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