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Wooji Made in Korea Tee


$40.00 USD

I came up with the MADE IN series back in 2019. The vision was to make the same shirts in different countries. The project was meant to serve two purposes.

The first was to demonstrate that as long as you found a reputable manufacturer and sourced quality materials, there really wouldn't be much of a difference in where the t-shirt was made, other than the cost in labor. For example, a shirt made in Japan is typically significantly more expensive than one made in China. Due to the price difference, we have this perception that all things made in Japan are of higher quality than those made in China. Though this might be true for the most part, it isn't always the case. I wanted to break that perception.

The other, more important purpose was to represent one’s origins through the simple words “MADE IN ____”. It was to show that faces of all kinds could identify with any country. With the climate in today's culture not only in the US, but across the world, I feel like it's never been more important to release a series like this one. I hope for a future where we can all be more accepting of others who look different from us.


Design is screen-printed onto a white 100% cotton unisex t-shirt made in Korea. The fit is true to size. (sizing chart)

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