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Wooji Make Art Men’s Denim Jacket


$130.00 USD

Growing up, I always believed artists were those who were gifted in drawing or painting. Since I was better at math and sciences, I struggled with the idea of seeing myself as one and therefore never pursuing it as a career. It wasn't until years later when I started to redefine what it meant to be an artist.

Simply put, I think an artist is anyone doing cool shit. Someone bringing a unique perspective to anything whether it is as seemingly uncreative as engineering and accounting or as invigorating as animation and music. I truly believe everyone has a bit of an artist in them. We just need to have the courage to find it within ourselves. Regardless of what career path you've chosen, keep making art in everything that you do.

Made from 11oz 100% cotton denim from Cone Mills, our denim jacket is cut and sewn right here in our hometown Los Angeles, CA. Design on the back is screen-printed.

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