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Hello World,

I suck at drawing.  I am literally terrible.  When life started, all my stat points were stacked into mathematics.  I was brought into this world to take on the Math Boss: Level Expert.

Yet numbers never spoke to me.  I wanted to be an artist.  I wanted to create animations, I wanted to make music, I wanted to write stories—paths I was not cut out for.  Thus I chose the path convenient for me.

It wasn’t until after college when I started to form a better understanding of myself and the true meaning of art.  I had it completely wrong.  The reason I so desired to become an artist wasn’t to become an animator, a musician, or a writer; what I really wanted was to reproduce and share my life experiences with the world.

You see, the Game of Life has rules and constraints, and sometimes we even make up our own.  Nevertheless, we carry all the power within us to work around them and achieve our goals.  I began Button Mash Ninja as a means to break into an industry I have passion for, but it is also a reflection of my life, thoughts, and ideas.

So this is me telling you, I am an artist and Button Mash Ninja is my first work of art.


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