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A letter from Edward:

Wooji is a lifestyle brand about the never-ending journey to learn and grow.

The idea of Wooji occurred to me when I was in Japan during October of 2016. At the time, I was roughly half a year into Button Mash Ninja—my first real business selling anime and gaming inspired parody shirts. Although our designs were well-received in the community as fan art, it didn't feel right using characters I did not create on my own. I knew I wanted to rebrand, but I didn't know which direction to take it in.

While I was traveling through Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, I decided to pick up photography (on my iPhone lol). As I was learning how to improve my shots, I quickly became obsessed with capturing emotion in a still frame. Each place I discovered had a unique story to offer, and I wanted others to understand exactly what I was feeling in that moment, as I stood there behind my camera. That was when I realized I could apply the same storytelling aspect to apparel. 

I began Wooji so that I could have a medium where I would share my experiences, philosophies, and imagination with the world. However, I believe it is more than just that. The concept of Wooji embodies embracing who you are, finding who you aspire to be, and then working toward reaching that better version of yourself. Wooji is a way of life.

Our debuting collection is Memories. The four pieces within this collection explore lost fragments in our past that unknowingly shape who we are today. This project has been very special to me, and I hope you end up cherishing it as well.


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