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journey to the east

WORLD 4-6: Tokyo, Japan
Goodbye to a world
WORLD 4-5: Tokyo, Japan
Castle in the sky
WORLD 4-4: Tokyo, Japan
Structural beauty
WORLD 4-3: Tokyo, Japan
Population density

WORLD 4-2: Tokyo, Japan
Tax free
WORLD 4-1: Tokyo, Japan
WORLD 3-3: Kyoto, Japan
Olive mood
WORLD 3-2: Kyoto, Japan
Power lines and tracks
WORLD 3-1: Kyoto, Japan
By the river
WORLD 2-3: Osaka, Japan
City life
WORLD 2-2: Osaka, Japan
A hidden gem
WORLD 2-1: Osaka, Japan
Sunset in Osaka
WORLD 1-3: Taipei, Taiwan
WORLD 1-2:  Taipei, Taiwan
Navigating the MRT
WORLD 1-1: Taipei, Taiwan
Gloomy start in Taipei
PRESS START: Los Angeles, California
I'll be back


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